Being a leading dimsum manufacturer, UAE is the perfect place due to the varied requirements of frozen dim sum and other Thai and Asian products.

At Culex, we produce and fully customize Asian products for leading brands, including the world’s leading airlines, five-star hotels, and restaurants in Dubai and other parts of the GCC.

We have also produced ready meals and other similar products for Little Bangkok and Chef Liang’s.

Our specialization is in customizing dim sums wholesale for the UAE market. As the leading dim sum manufacturer in Dubai, we have a large facility that allows for production, customization, and storage for your frozen dim sum requirements. Read more about our facility here.

We also carry an extensive range of conventional dim sums including sui mai, har gow, buns, and more. All our food and products are 100% Halal certified. Choose Culex as your dim sum supplier in Dubai, and allow us to partner in your success.